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Course Lecture-Title Description Upload-Date Download
CS414-Artificial Intelligence Lecture-5 Basic Search Algorithm Basic Search Algorithms, Infrastructure for Search Algorithms, Search Strategy, Uniformed search Algorithms, Informed Search 2015-09-05 Download
CS414-Artificial Intelligence Agents and Environment Agent Types, Task Environment 2016-07-29 Download
CS414-Artificial Intelligence Problem Solving & Search Problem Solving Agents, Problem Formulation, Search Strategies 2016-07-29 Download
Data Mining Model Evaluation Performance measures, Model evaluation 2016-08-13 Download
Data Mining Final Report Part 1 Articles and Projects Change the extension to .rar 2016-08-13 Download
Data Mining Papers for Final Report Some more... convert to .rar if still not sure send me email for more 2016-08-13 Download
Data Mining Mixing Classifiers Ensemble of Classifiers, Boosting, Bagging and Stacking 2016-10-04 Download
Data Mining Final Paper (Sample) Example 2016-10-04 Download
Artificial Intelligence Informed Search Algorithms Informed Search, Greedy BFS, A*, Heuristic Function 2016-10-05 Download
Data Mining Sample Paper Mid 2017-06-07 Download
Final year project topics and ar Final year project topics and areas of Interest 0000-00-00 Download
Data Mining Introduction Course Description, Data Mining, Machine Learning and Knowledge Discovery in Databases 2016-03-17 Download
Data Mining Understanding the Data Input Data 2016-04-12 Download
Data Mining Data Visualization Data Visualization and Summerization 2016-04-12 Download
Data Mining Probability Theory Introduction, Rules of Probability, Bayesian Theorem, Examples 2016-04-12 Download
Data Mining Lecture 5 Data Mining Algorithms, training, testing and overview of WEKA. 2016-04-26 Download
Data Mining Sample Mid Paper Sample Paper 2016-05-08 Download
CS414-Artificial Intelligence Introduction Course Description, What is AI, Historical Evaluation 2016-07-23 Download
CS414-Artificial Intelligence Intelligent Agents Intelligent Agents, Agent Structure, Rationality 2016-07-23 Download
CS414-Artificial Intelligence Agents and Environment Agent Types, Task Environment 2016-07-25 Download