PHD in Computer Science

Eligibility criteria:
For pursuing a Ph.D. degree, a 30 credit hours M.Phil/MS degree with a CGPA of 2.5 on a scale of 4.00 or overall 60% marks in annual system or equivalent in the relevant subject is a prerequisite from a recognized University. In case of foreign degree, it will be ascertained that it is equivalent to Pakistani M.Phil/ MS degree from a recognized University /Institution.
Program duration:
1. Ph.D. Program shall extend over a period of Three (03) to a maximum of five (05) years.
2. There shall be two semesters in a year i.e., fall and spring; each spanning over a duration of Eighteen (18) weeks including examinations.
3. The course work comprises of 18 credit hours.

PhD research specialties in Computer Science
1. Communication networks
2. Machine Learning/ Data Mining
3. Natural Language Processing
4. Computer Vision
5. Image Processing


Master of Science (Computer Science) MS(CS) 

The Candidates seeking admission in the MS program of study must have sixteen years of education and meet the following criteria.

1. Sixteen years of schooling or 4-years education after F.A. /F.Sc. (minimum 130 credit hours) in the respective subject from HEC recognized institutions is a prerequisite for admission to M.Phil/MS programme. Foreign degrees equivalent to BS/BE/M.A/M.Sc. /MCS/B.Sc. (Hons.) are also accepted for admission in M.Phil/MS.

2. Minimum CGPA of 2.50 on a scale of 4.00 in BS/BE/M.Sc./MCS on semester system or 50% marks in M.A./M.Sc. in Annual System is required for admission to M.Phil/MS.

Masters in Computer Science (MCS) (Morning/Evening)

The Department’s first master’s degree program was introduced in 2001. This program is offered in both morning and evening sessions. The former is on regular basis and the later is on self finance basis. 

The MCS is a two years four semester program. The courses in this program were designed in accordance with the guidelines of the University Grants Commission (UGC) at the time of its launch and were updated many times on account of the changing requirements.  The current courses are modeled on the recommendations of the Higher Education Commission (HEC) and are similar to the courses offered at Universities in advanced countries.

The Candidates seeking admission in the MCS Program must have passed the BSc./ B.Com./ BCS/ BE with minimum 45% marks.



Bachelors in Computer Science BS (CS) and Bachelors in Information Technology BS (IT)

Two Bachelors Programs (four year) were introduced in 2002. Each program has eight semesters and courses are designed in accordance with the HEC guidelines. 


 Admission Procedure and Criteria:

Admission is granted only once an academic year. Admission is announced within a fortnight of the declaration of B.A/B.Sc. and F.A /F.Sc. results


Availability of Seats

Program of Study

Number of Admissions

Admission Announcement

MSCS (Self Finance)



MCS (Regular)



MCS (Self Finance)










Admission Criteria

Program of Study


MSCS (Self Finance) 

Graduates in Engineering (Electronics, Electrical or Telecommunication), BS (IT and CS), MSc. (Computer Science) and MCS with 3.00 on a scale of 4.00 (or overall 60% marks)

MCS (Regular)

B.Sc. / B.Com./ BCS / BE with minimum 45% marks

MCS (Self Finance)


F.Sc. (pre-engineering), ICS or equivalent with minimum 45% marks.


Intermediate or equivalent with minimum 45% marks.


Semester System 

The department follows semester system in all its programs. The MCS program has four semesters of 18 credit hours each. The BS(CS) and BS(IT) programs have eight semesters of 18 credit hours each except the 2nd , 7th and 8th semesters of 15 credit hours, as recommended by the HEC. 

Each semester is of 18 week duration and two semesters are completed in an academic year. Like most universities in advanced countries, two 1.5 hour classes per week are arranged for each 3 credit hour subject. Minimum attendance requirement is 70% and students having less attendance are not allowed to appear in examination.


Examination System

The Department follows semester system in all its programs of study and all the examinations are conducted by the department itself. A three credit hours subject has 100 marks. At least 50% marks are necessary to pass a subject. The minimum score 60% marks is necessary for promotion into the next semester. The students scoring less than 60% marks or failing in more than two subjects in a semester have to repeat the semester.


Examination and Evaluation

Mid –Term Examination

Six to eight weeks after the start of each semester. 30 marks and 1 hour duration

MCS (Self Finance)

Terminal Examination

18 weeks after the start of each semester. 40 marks and 2 hours duration

Assignments and Class participation

30 marks are set aside for assignments, class participation and practical work.


 Students shall have to be punctual and regular to attend all lectures/seminars, laboratory periods, and fieldwork as

required for each course during the semester session. A student shall be eligible to appear in the terminal

examination provided that he has attended not less than 75% (cumulative) of lectures/seminars delivered in all

theory courses. He has to complete 75% attendance in the laboratory/field work for grading of laboratory/field

work course.

 The name of the student will be stuck off if his monthly attendance is less than 25%.

 The student will have to get himself/herself readmitted within one week with fee Rs.500/- and within further

three (03) days with fee Rs.1000/-. On failure of readmission his admission shall stand cancelled.

 There will be at the most three chances for readmission for a four years program and two chances for a two years

program. A student readmitted 3/2 times during the session of study program shall not be allowed a further

readmission and his/her admission shall stand cancelled.

 Students seeking readmission shall not be exempted from the payment of readmission fee.

 Student will not be allowed to sit for terminal examination of any semester unless he has no outstanding dues

for the said semester. Accounts Branch of the University will issue a clearance certificate in this regard.



 To earn course credits, a student must obtain a minimum of 2.00 grade points in that course.

 Astudent must obtain a minimum CGPAof 2.25 for award of a Degree in Grade D.

 Agrade F will be awarded to a student in a course for not achieving the desired competence. The student will have to

reappear in all assignments, quizzes, mid-term and terminal examinations when offered subsequently. No special

classes will be conducted by the Department for such students.



 A student must maintain GPA of 2.00 on a cumulative basis during his/her academic program any student with a

GPAless than 1.50 will be dropped from the rolls of the University forthwith.

 Astudent securing a GPAbetween 1.50 and 2.00 will be put on probation for one semester.

 At the end of semester, student will be required to improve his/ her GPAand bring it up to the required minimum of


 If a probationer shows an improvement, but his GPA is still below 2.00 his/ her probation may be extended for

another semester.

 If he/ she still fail to bring his / her GPAto 2.00 by the end of the nest semester he/ she will be dropped from the rolls

of the University.

 If a student fails to pass certain courses and yet manages to maintain his/ her GPAequal to or above 2.00 he/she will

be allowed to repeat and clear the course(s) or substitute (s) (wherever permissible) before the degree is awarded to

him/ her.

 GPAis computed at the end of each semester.